Stick it to the Man

A pervasive stealth game that won 1st prize at the Wigle Whiskey Whiskey Rebellion Festival

The winner of the Wigle Whiskey's Whiskey Rebellion Game Competition 2016. A pervasive game designed during my internship at City of Play. Players were given a feather and a coin. They had to write their name on the feather and stick it to the Taxman wandering around the festival without him seeing. Players could repeat as many times as they wanted, but if they got caught, they had to surrender a coin to the Taxman. At the end of the night, a feather was plucked off the Taxman and the player that had placed that feather won a prize.


Themed the game to incorporate both historical information about the whiskey rebellion and fulfill the prompt of tarring and feathering

Playtested different numbers of feathers and coins as well as mechanisms to refresh them

Created a minimal rules set and added a large performance component to give players individual and meaningful experiences