PNC Strategic Planning 2045

An immersive experience to illustrate a possible future where AI and automation have changed how adults relate to work

On a team of 4, we crafted an experience that allowed for guests to step into a vision of what it might be like to live in 2045. Focusing on how AI and automation will affect the workforce, guests assumed the roles of PNC regional managers at the annual strategic planning meeting. During the meeting, guests were asked to do icebreaker activities by talking about their bucket lists. Guests were then presented with a quick ceremony to commemorate the hard work of three employees being laid off, which was seen as a positive event due to the corporate sponsored universal basic income. Artifacts and other activities clued guests into how AI and automation had reached the point where the government had mandated companies taking advantage of these technologies to support the employees they no longer needed. 


Devised an immersive scenario to illustrate this potential future

Constructed artifacts that allow guests to explore the scenario

Crafted a debrief exercise to help guests contextualize and discuss the experience