Playful Technologist

and Facilitator


Howdy! I'm Honey P. Rosenbloom (They/She), the Queer Cyborg Mystic

I am a game designer, nonprofit runner, organizer, facilitator, mediator, and programmer committed to building bridges and community. Valuing human interaction and emotion, I hope to use games as containers for people to connect more deeply with themselves, listen and learn new perspectives from others, and feel the energy of the ineffable infinite that is being. I am fascinated and awestruck by what happens when players are presented with a game designed to safely hold them while they experiment at their boundaries.

My work spans physical, digital, and hybrid games, and I have developed a wide array of experiences for entertainment, education, and community building.

In 2018, I co-founded Friendship Garden, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for inclusion in the games industry through funding, promoting, and providing resources to game developers from backgrounds historically underrepresented in the video game industry. We have hosted events and lounge spaces to spotlight developers and their works while connecting them to players, and have awarded scholarships to GDC.

I have presented my own work at Serious Play, Connected Learning, AAAI, CHI PLAY, and Gameloft Montreal, and I am featured as part of the Equity Gaming Project.

If you would like to collaborate or are looking for a programmer, designer, design or diversity consultant, event planner, or facilitator, I am excited to receive your email at